Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Redd Trunk, a Digital Version of the Red Trunk Cultural Experience students throughout New York State have enjoyed since its introduction in 2019. The Red Trunk project promotes the idea that we should “respect every difference” cultural diversity embraces. The program is designed to provide students with opportunities to understand how people around the world share many cultural similarities and at the same time retain unique habits and customs.

Our first Redd Trunk Unit introduces students to Oaxaca, Mexico. Students will meet young people from the region through photographs, conversations and videos. They will learn about the geography, traditions and everyday patterns of life the young people of that region experience. While learning about a new culture, students will have a chance to compare and contrast their lives with the lives of the children of Oaxaca. This unit consists of 10 cultural lessons based on key ideas and concepts included in the Grade 3 New York State Social Studies Framework. The lessons are designed for students to engage in hands on creative activities as well as opportunities to use Social Studies practices, ELA listening, speaking and writing skills and critical thinking challenges. Our goal is to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all children, working to ensure that the next generation better understands their fellow citizens around the world.


1. There are 10 lessons in this unit, one per day for 2 weeks. Each lesson will take about 20 minutes to complete. Start with Lesson 1 for the first day, Lesson 2 for the second day, and so on.
2. The lessons can be accessed either on a computer/laptop, tablet/iPad, or smart phone. If your child doesn’t have access to laptop, the lessons can be downloaded as PDFs and printed. Look for the DOWNLOAD button. Each lesson fits on 2 pages. Your child will still need to access the videos if they’re working on the printed copies. (It’s also possible to print up the lessons and work off the lessons on the website.)
3. Your child can write their answers to the lessons either on their computer or laptop, on a printed copy of each lesson, or in a notebook or on loose-leaf paper.
4. If something in the lesson isn’t clear, they should ask their teacher, or the teacher isn’t available, just move on.
5. In lessons 2 through 9 there is a link to a 360-degree video, exploring an aspect of life in Oaxaca. If the 360-degree video is viewed on a computer, move the cursor to get the 360-degree view, including up and down. On a tablet or phone, move the device around in a circle, as well as up and down.
6. Lessons 2 through 9 have a Cultural Scavenger Hunt activity, where students are asked to find artifacts around their homes. Please make sure the artifacts they choose are safe to use and appropriate to share.
7. After the lesson is completed, and your child has checked the I finished! box, there are more things to do in the Extended Activities section. Click the button to access fun things to do for lessons 2 through 9.